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Fiona MacKay
Victoria, BC, Canada
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Handwriting Analysis
Complete with writing samples for each Personality Trait, Clear Explanations, Fun and Informative!

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Be a Success!
10 Ways your handwriting can help you succeed.

Personality Analysis from your Handwriting Signature:
Signature Analysis

Read free chapter now!

The Relationship Checker:
Strengthen Relationships

Read free chapter now!

Signature Analysis - How to Create a Power Signature
- Create a signature for success

.. in the coffee shop
... What you can tell about a person 3 feet away and upside down

Find out more about yourself or give as a gift.

Use your handwriting to change your life and be all you can be


All our E-Books on Handwriting Analysis or Click here to go to our list of Kindle books


Job Fit career planning book

Job Fit:
Don't just find a job, Choose the Right/Write job

by Fiona MacKay Young

Tired of all the usual career tests?

Job Fit will help you

A unique book full of Career Choice and Job Search Tips using Handwriting Analysis as the tool to identify your gifts.


Price E-Book $24.97


Personality Analysis or your Handwriting Signature
(new and revised edition of the Signature Analysis Workbook)

by Fiona MacKay Young

What writing do you see most often?

A Signature!
Now you can
analyze your own signature,
and anyone else's too
(Now in both E-book and Soft Cover editions)

Sometimes the signature is all we see of
someone's writing.
How often have you looked at an unusual signature
and asked yourself "I wonder what that means."

Price E-Book only $12.97                                             
Price Soft Cover (Hard Copy) only $15.97 + shipping


The Relationship Checker 
by Fiona MacKay Young

A huge part of getting along with someone is understanding.
Discover what makes your significant other tick,
why they do what they do.

Find out more about your Relationship Compatibility

Get to know your date INSTANTLY with this fun and insightful book.
Read free chapter now!

Find out:   
 - IF you're compatible,   
- WHERE you're compatible
and Where the SPARKS are likely to fly!


Price E-Book: $12.47 
Soft Cover:
Price $17.97
(inc shipping to US & Canada)  



One Page Report
Ask questions.  Get answers.
Learn more...

E-mail a scanned in copy of the writing samples, in jpg format, to  Fiona

Price: $50.00

For yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.



Use your handwriting to change your life and be all you can be
Improve your life with this self help tool for personal development
Learn more...


Signature Analysis - How to Create a Power Signature
- Create a signature for success

Signature Analysis is all about what your handwriting says about you.

By creating a success signature you take advantage of the power of handwriting analysis as a personal development tool.

You can develop the personality traits that you want, that will help you succeed, and your signature is an excellent place to start.

 Explanations, illustrations and clear instructions. 


Price: E-Book $7.49



Hire the (Right) Write Person the FIRST Time: 
What you really want to know about your job applicants
by Fiona MacKay Young

Whether you’re hiring or hoping to be hired,
this book can help you identify your strengths for the workplace

Before you say "(Right) Write, You're hired", learn more about your potential employees
than any interview can ever give you.
More about the book and the bonuses...

Read free chapter now!

Price E-Book $39.97 
Ebook Plus Soft Cover Combination Package $59.94  


What you can tell about a person 3 feet away and upside downWhat you can tell from a Person's Writing, 3 Feet Away & Upside Down Booklet
Analyzing the writing of the person 3 feet away across the table from you)

by Fiona MacKay Young


Price: E-Book $5.00 


The Personality FunKit for Teens
By Fiona MacKay Young
- Not just for Teens,- it's a fun activity book for all ages
- great for social events
- for making some extra income through facilitating Handwriting Analysis

Total Bonus Value of $36 in addition to
the Book “Personality Fun Kit for Teens”
valued at
More about the book and the fantastic free bonuses...

Price: E-Book Plus the Bonuses $25.67
Price: Soft Cover Plus Bonuses


The Signature Party Game
by Fiona MacKay Young

This is an exciting product for any host or hostess.
Buy now and have the party of the ANY season!
Everything you need


Price: Full Version $24.97
Add-on Version $12.97 (for those who already have the Signature Analysis Workbook)


Be a Success!
10 Ways your handwriting can help you succeed.
by Fiona MacKay Young


Price E-Book $11.97 





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