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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Handwriting Analysis
Stay a while and look around.  You'll be glad you did!


How can your handwriting help you discover your greatest gifts and realize your potential?

Personality Traits show up clearly in handwriting and are easy to identify when you know what to look for. (example)

By seeing who you are and identifying your strengths and your weaknesses, you can engage in personal development (also through handwriting) to become all you can be, to make the most of you.

Read about Writing your own Future with GraphoTherapy.

And you can watch it work.  You can see how you are doing by looking at your handwriting. 

One of the problems with personal development often is that you can perfect a change for a while, but sooner or later you start to fall back into you old ways.

With handwriting analysis you have an early warning system for this.

Should you start to slip back into your old ways, as it will show in your handwriting before it shows in your behavior.  This gives you the option of taking action to stop the slide and keep your new traits intact.

Being able to identify personality from writing is a terrific tool to have on hand to help you understand other people, whether family and friends, potential romantic partners, coworkers or professionals you need to be able to trust and connect with.

In the workplace, it is also a fantastic tool for job seekers to check out their strengths for a position or type of work, or for Employers to identify who is the best candidate for a job opening, whether a new hire or a promotion.

Even just a signature can tell you so much.  Is this person to be trusted?  Am I likely to get along with them? Are they reliable, a good worker, fun and funny, relaxed or tense, expressive or withdrawn emotionally, artistic and creative, logical, imaginative .... etc.

Your handwriting shows your personality traits - over 300 of them!

--  Used by the great majority of Employers in Europe, by Psychologists and Counsellors world wide
--  Handwriting analysis is an officially recognized branch of psychology
--  and can show you your strengths and weaknesses ... 
--  and help with personal development and self improvement, with relationships and career ...

--  and just for fun.

Here's a sample of how it works.

Stubborn as a mule!  Yes!  When this splayed out base shows in either the lower case "t" or "d" the trait of stubborn (sometimes a very success-oriented trait) is present.

Yes it's that easy - and quite fascinating.  
Learn more...

This is just one personality trait you can tell from writing.  There are literally HUNDREDS more. Learn more...


Try this Mini-Quiz (& check back often - it's changed regularly)
Who is optimistic, goal oriented, the boss? 

Find out...

Whether you know nothing about handwriting analysis, a little, or whether you have studied it for a extensively, you will love the variety of free information available here plus unique and exciting services and How-to E-Books on Handwriting Analysis to help you move ahead when you're ready. 

Would you like to read some free sample chapters from our E-Books (look on the top row of book covers for the ones that have "Free Sample Chapters" below them)

Some personality traits can change with your mood or circumstance - although you will have a "normal" for each, where you are most of the time.

Imagine if a photo were taken of you today, and another photo were taken of you tomorrow.  They would not be identical, but both would be recognisable as you.

Your handwriting is the same.  It will not be identical each time you write, but the analysis of it will always show you, the real you, the "you" you were at that moment when you wrote. 

Happy, sad, angry, relaxed, worried, motivated and focused.  It all shows. As do the basic traits that make up who you are - your foundation.

Browse all our pages to find a galaxy of great information on understanding yourself and others through handwriting.

 Got a Question on Handwriting Analysis?

Visit my Blogs, and click on the "Do you have a questions?" link. 

Your answer will be posted on the blog.

Handwriting Analysis Blog -

Signature Analysis  -


Handwriting is a form of body language. and just like all other forms of body language, it tells those who know how to read it, a great deal about who you are as a personality.


It is simple to learn how to identify simple basic traits (opens new window).  Handwriting Analysis shows you how to:

It can be an amazing tool in relationship compatibility (romantic, family, friendships and business).

It can save employers from hiring the wrong job candidate - and help them hire (opens new window) the best of the bunch.

It is a wonderful tool for personal development and self improvement.

It can help you identify your success traits, and those which you would like to develop.

It is a great team building tool.

It can help you develop traits you would like to have and get rid of those you don't.

And ... it can a great deal of fun at social gatherings!!


We have some great FREE articles for you to read to get an idea of how this works.


Here is more detail on how handwriting analysis works and what it can tell.

 Go the whole way and learn how to become a qualified Handwriting Analyst.


Personal Development & Success

Do You Have the Three "S"s of SucceSS 


Fun & Entertainment

Are you looking for Unique Entertainment for your Conference or Meeting?

We provide
"Laugh & Learn"  - Keynotes / Workshops / Interactive Presentations.
Personality affects every area of personal interaction, in all fields of work and leisure. 



Relationship Compatibility

One of the most amazing uses of handwriting analysis is it's use in Relationship Compatibility. 

Just by looking at the writing of two people, one can tell where they will get along well, and where the sparks are likely to fly.

Very useful in determining whether to get closer to someone.  And also very valuable is helping existing couples understand each other better and promote harmony and understanding.

It can be used not only for romantic couples, but for any family relationship or friendships as well as for business partnerships and co-workers.

You can either read and do it yourself, or have a report prepared by a professional handwriting analyst.


Instant Readings at Events

Would you like to Learn How to Analyze Handwriting in a fun, light hearted way? 

We have a selection of "How-To" Books for Beginners which are informative & factual while being entertaining and fun to read.


Use your handwriting to change your life
and be all you can be


Making changes to your handwriting?
Use a journal to practice: Best of both worlds... new writing plus journaling for personal development


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